Xtera® Granted Final Acceptance for the DISA Submarine Cable System

April 9th, 2019 – Xtera®, a provider of innovative subsea fiber optic solutions, announces Final Acceptance on the submarine cable system for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).  The turnkey project was successfully completed with the support of Xtera’s industry-leading partners, IT International Telecom and Nexans.

The contract for the 1,400 km long cable system was awarded in September 2017 and the system achieved Provisional Acceptance in December 2018, well ahead of schedule. Following the successful granting of Final Acceptance, traffic may be placed on the system.

Xtera Granted Final Acceptance for the DISA Submarine Cable SystemThe system takes advantage of Xtera’s second-generation high performance repeater which offers hybrid amplification with active supervisory monitoring and command, and Xtera’s suite of terminal equipment including its Nu-Wave Optima terminal product and network management gateway.  Xtera has again delivered a reliable, high-capacity solution at the lowest cost per Terabit/s.

Keith Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Xtera comments, “Xtera is extremely proud to have been granted Final Acceptance so quickly after Provisional Acceptance, significantly  ahead of the contracted date. This shows the dedication and expertise of Xtera’s team, and its strong competence in system integration.  The successful and timely completion reflects in particular the excellent collaborative working with our customer and partners.  It is a privilege to have been able to deliver this advanced cable system and it fully demonstrates Xtera’s technology and delivery capability.”

This is the second submarine cable system that Xtera has deployed for DISA, the first has been in the water, fully operational and in service since 2016.  Both system designs provide strong evidence of Xtera’s strength in the regional market based on its leading subsea technology.  Xtera completed a number of ground-breaking experiments last year to address the emerging challenges of this market; “Xtera and UCL smash transmission world record”, and is continuing to develop its advanced and proven  repeater with the addition of a new high fiber count design.

About Xtera®

Xtera is an innovative provider of subsea systems and telecoms technology.  We supply both unrepeatered and repeatered networks, delivering traffic directly inland to data centers and cities.  Xtera consistently challenges industry norms and creates novel solutions that are tailored to each individual customer whether that be for the provision of a system, an open architecture design or individual network elements.  Xtera’s turnkey project management expertise and system integration capability is offered in combination with solid industry partnerships and provides operators with the confidence for Xtera to design, build and commission submarine cable solutions that deliver high performance, capacity and end-to-end capability.

Xtera’s product offering is underpinned by leading-edge research and development, often in collaboration with universities, resulting in an enviable patent portfolio and a series of industry technology firsts.  Xtera’s objective is to deliver submarine cable solutions that maximize optical capacity and network capability from seabed to city through outstanding expertise, know-how and technology innovation.