Xtera® Board Names Keith Henderson as Chief Executive Officer and Appoints Leigh Frame as Chief Operating Officer

February 27th, 2018 – Xtera®, a provider of innovative subsea fibre optic solutions, today announces that its Board of Directors has appointed Keith Henderson as Chief Executive Officer and Leigh Frame as Chief Operating Officer.

Keith joined Xtera in 2004 and quickly moved through the ranks, playing a pivotal role in founding the new company in 2017, and has since helped to transform the business both operationally and financially. He most recently served as COO and has more than 20 years of operations management experience. Prior to Xtera, Keith held senior positions at BAE systems, ASN and STC.

“With the increasing growth in demand, new entrants to the market, and an overall desire for commercial and technical change, the industry is shifting and Xtera’s evolution serves to meet the future needs of its customers,” says Keith. “I am delighted to take up the position of CEO and to be joined by Leigh at such an important time for the business. Xtera has always been a company that embraces change and we look forward to working together with all our partners to ensure that we continue to offer the most advanced solutions.”

Leigh joins Xtera after an extensive career with Alcatel Submarine Networks where more recently he served as the COO and has been a leader in the subsea market for more than 25 years. Leigh’s role as the key architect of the company’s strategy will help to position Xtera as an innovative supplier focused on OEM sales, technology licensing, turnkey and disaggregated system solutions, and subsea upgrades.

“We are lucky to be working in a time of radical change in what a telecoms service is, how it is delivered, and who delivers it,” states Leigh. “There is a need for the normally conservative subsea industry to pick up the pace, innovate and adapt to new customers and unprecedented market growth with fresh products and different ways of doing business. Joining a technology company like Xtera now is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to this.”